Partners for life-Reality

Have you guys heard about the concept of friends for life? I am sure you did! This is what we always want to hear- friends for life! We want it to happen, we all want to have just one friend for a lifetime. That in no way means that, that friend lives for a lifetime with you. This implies that he/she is always there for you ,in your good and bad times, in times of need, willing to help,to cross any line just to ensure your safety and happiness. Yes, all these qualities make someone a friend for life. . But, yes you heard this right. There is a ‘but’ inside every story. But, my dear readers, there is NO such person in anyone’s life.  Friends are an integral part of our lives indeed. I too believed this concept two to three years back when I was brought into realm of reality through a lecture my father delivered one day. Here, I will share with you all, the reality behind the overrated ‘friends for life’.

You all may have heard about the famous philosopher Chanakya. To make it easy for those who didn’t, he was an Indian philosopher and teacher, economist, jurist and a royal advisor of chiefly the Chandragupta Maurya. One of his golden teachings is quoted below( source: Google):

There is some self-interest behind every friendship. There is no friendship without self-interests. This is a bitter truth.

So this is the truth,the reality behind friendship. Every friendship has some motive behind it. It can be related to wealth,health, popularity or even help! Even if you find someone with no such motives , there is always one- emotional attachment and emotional help. Everyone needs someone to share their feelings of sadness and happiness with. This was the lecture my father gave one day. And I totally remember this and experience this bitter truth of life everyday.

I believe not in friendships but mutual relationships. Relations are important to survive and live. And so, I think we all have been born with some hidden purpose- purpose of life. We are here to fulfill that purpose and as soon as it gets so, we will leave this earth. So why not, we stop encouraging this idea of friends for life and start being partners for life where you are available for help due to mutual benefit you owe to each other. In any relationship, both persons need each other due to something they earn because of each one. Let’s encourage the idea of partners for life over friends for life.

And I am sure everyone of you have experienced this at some point of your lives, whether at a large or a little magnitude. Do give this a thought and you may come up with some more leading thoughts!



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