Insist You to be You

When I first read the one word prompt for today- Insist, the first thing I related with this word was about one of my real life experiences which I am going to share here with you all..!

People are often jealous of you for something you own or for something you are good at. And sometimes the values,the qualities you possess become the reason for you being hated. Out of jealousy, people tend to change you ,your qualities and values, your way of working and conversating, and sometimes even the way you are thinking! Doesn’t this sounds lol..? And maybe you won’t be believing this right now… But people do try to change the Real You… starting from your external behaviour to your inner thoughts,values and principles.

So this is what I faced and maybe I face it every other day… We humans are social creatures. We can’t live isolated,far from the world’s give and take procedure. Ok so, I am a girl who is quite different from other girls. I am a little introverted, not dramatic or as we say A Drama Queen, simple and straightforward. I don’t lie and neither appreciate the fact that other’s do lie to me. The first thing I hate about someone is the fact that he or she lies. The most important difference which I found in myself is- that I don’t use the slangs and abusive words which are nowadays taken as a token of status and popularity…(Chu-,f*c*,m*a***c**d,bh*****d etc..)

I hope you are able to understand what I am talking about. So according to this gung-ho society we are living in, people believe that a person who is not comfortable or doesn’t prefers to use these words are shy, and not of their type. They believe that this person is not of our company and so you are boycotted—lolll!

I don’t understand the fact that why, why these slangs are a basis of determining whether the person can be or can’t be you friend. Using such abusive words for your or anyone’s mother or daughter is right and people like me who don’t prefer using them are unacceptable!

Now, the second thing I am different at is that I don’t stalk boys and neither do I get attracted to someone in just one sight!!! 

So the thing is that I don’t have crushes and obviously I don’t have boyfriend. But I get proposals from many!! Lol again! Yes that’s true. I get proposals from many and surprisingly girls who are busy stalking boys don’t get! So now I become the reason of being hated and being jealous for.

People Insist on me to be someone who I am not… They want me to accept proposal of some roadside guy with no matching qualities and most importantly whom I don’t choose for myself! They want me to use slangs which I find inappropriate. They want me to be a girl who stalks every other guy who is cute!! 

They want me to be Someone I am Not! They want me to Them…

And people will want so till they don’t achieve this.

But, I ,I am a resistant girl who is avoiding all these since when she came on earth.

Because, I insist on being Myself!

So dear readers, I request you all whether you are a girl or a boy, a doctor or an engineer, Be You always. People will always try to change you but do not fall for them. Just Be You!

Insist i8


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